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The firm Florio Attorneys has specialized in property law for 7 years and has built up a wealth of knowledge in this area. We have the support of two in house estate agents and bond originators. We are conveniently situated in the heart of Bedfordview, with easy access to all the main arterial roads and highways of Johannesburg.

The firm is ably managed by Aida Florio, (B.Com LLB) Aida was admitted as an attorney in 1998 and a conveyancer & notary in 2008 and has vast experience ranging from Road Accident Fund matters to property law, family matters, general litigation and dispute resolution matters. She speaks English, Italian, French and Afrikaans. She is committed to pro bono work and acts as a Small Claims Court Commissioner

At Florio Attorneys, we treat our clients as more than just an isolated business or service transaction.
That is why our corporate mission requires every member of the Florio Attorneys team to take the time and put in the effort, during every contact with the client.

At Florio Attorneys, every client and every file is handled in this same measured and considered way, because we believe that clients not only deserve this level of service, they require it in today's interdependent and multifaceted world.

Our Vision

Florio Attorneys is a full-service legal resource centre for its clients, offering trusted advice and first-rate service in all avenues and aspects of a client's personal and business life.

Our Mission

The goal of Florio Attorneys is to treat our clients as more than just an isolated business or service transaction.

We are committed to :

  • Developing positive, sharing and productive lifelong relationships with our clients and their families;
  • Being empathetic to better serve their needs;
  • Providing timely and reliable service that is focused and sensitive to our clients' specific needs and instructions; ;
  • Providing information, support and additional services to make our clients' lives, and businesses, better.
  • Educating previously disadvantaged communities.
  • Making the law accessible to the lay person.
  • Ensuring that clients are better equipped to handle their property matters and to make sound and wise decisions regarding their legal affairs
  • Speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves
  • Helping all South Africans to make a better South Africa.