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Florio Attorneys is proud to have assisted many individuals from disadvantaged communities and backgrounds by providing training and assistance to establish them in the law profession. We are committed to growing communities’ capacity and skills to provide quality legal service, whilst enhancing the efficiency of the legal profession and the business status of our clients.

We maintain a fully-qualified and professional team that enjoys the constant assistance of dedicated, friendly, hardworking and capable colleagues. The firm strives to render excellent service to clients at a reasonable, affordable and often negotiable rate.

Florio Attorneys are skilled and experienced in a range of legal fields, with each member of our team specialising in specific areas. See our services section for more details about how we can help you, be it with local government and municipality law, conveyancing, contracts, commercial law, criminal law and all spheres of private law.

Florio Attorneys offers a wide range of legal expertise specializing in commercial litigation and all fields of law ancillary thereto. Our areas of practice include the following;

  • All forms of commercial litigation with specialized knowledge of the regulatory framework in which the world of commerce operates, such as the Companies Act, the Insolvency Act, the Trust Property Control Act, the National Credit Act, the Matrimonial Property Act and the likes thereof;
  • Contractual drafting, vetting and advisory;
  • Specific transaction structures and advisory;
  • Asset based finance agreements;
  • Property Law;
  • Company law;
  • Insolvency law;
  • Immigration law;
  • Administration of Estates;
  • Antenuptial contracts and notarial services